Canva unveils AI-powered tools

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VISUAL communications company Canva released on Thursday a suite of new features based on artificial intelligence (AI) to help both budding creatives and professional designers accelerate the design process and produce better content.

Canva Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Melanie Perkins said over 15 billion designs have been created since Canva was founded a decade ago, 500 million of which have been created just in the last month.

“This company was born at a major inflection point when breakthroughs in technology opened up entirely new ways of working. Today we find ourselves at the precipice once more with AI,” she said at a virtual media event on Thursday.

Among other brand management products, the following AI-powered tools mark Canva’s tenth year:

1. Magic Design

Basically a personal design companion, this tool suggests templates based on an image or video given by the user. It curates a selection of personalized templates to be downloaded for further customization.

By selecting designs most suited to the given content, Magic Design is able to lessen the time wasted checking templates one by one.

2. Magic Edit

This feature lets designers add or replace anything in an image.

Once the space is identified and the necessary replacement described using keywords, the Magic Edit tool can take this information and make the needed addition.

3. Magic Presentation

The AI in Magic Presentation allows anyone to create engaging presentations about any topic, with relevant and visually rich content already baked in.

It suggests both suitable structure and content no matter the topic, jumpstarting the creative process of making a presentation.

4. Magic Eraser

To clean up unwanted details in images, Magic Eraser uses AI to detect distractions in the given area selected. Users just have to brush over the messy space and watch as the distraction is swiftly removed.

5. Canva Assistant

With one click, Canva Assistant unlocks various other tools while editing and connects the designer to AI-powered features.

Whether it’s to search for eye-catching elements, get recommendations for images and layouts, or generate custom AI content to elevate designs, this tool can fetch any relevant design information under the sun.

6. Beat Sync

This new tool for music-related creations automatically matches video footage to the uploaded soundtrack. Beat Sync uses AI to reduce users’ manual editing time and find right moments to match the beat.

7. Translate

Canva’s latest Translate feature now automatically translates the text in designs with just a tap of a button. It offers translation to over 100 different languages.

8. Magic Write

Now accessible across the entire visual suite, from Docs to Whiteboards to Websites to Videos, this AI writing tool comes up with written content based on prompts.

Whether it’s a phrase that has to be expanded to a full paragraph or a long write-up that has to be summarized into a sentence, Magic Write saves designers the effort of modifying any form of copy. — Brontë H. Lacsamana

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